Raspe & Disteli

There are two special sections of the library:

  • Rudolf Erich Raspe (1736 – 1794), first author of Munchausen. The Munchausen-library holds nearly all of his work. There are also the books, which are translated by Raspe, and a lot of reviews of some of Raspes publications. This section contains books about books of Raspe. (150 items)

The year of birth: Raspe was born in spring 1736. It exists a document concerning his baptism in March 1736. Most of the libraries and dictionaries in the world indicat 1737 as year of birth. This is wrong.

The very book about Raspe

More than 50 years ago, in 1950 John Carswell has published a learned monography about life and work of Rudolf Erich Raspe. Concerning the first part of Raspes life he used the results of Rudolf Hallo's biography to Raspe, which was written in the 1930ies. Hallo did not know so much about Raspe in England after 1775. Carswell did a great work but sometimes he too much trusted in his imagination.

In 2005 it was published in Kassel, Germany, where Raspe was living about ten years, the very book about him, which contents essays to all of his main interests and which belongs to the periods in Germany and in England. It represents the state of the art relating Raspe:

Andrea Linnebach, editor: Kunst - Wissenschaft - Abenteuer - der Münchhausen-Autor Rudolf Erich Raspe (Arts - sciences - adventures - R.E. Raspe - author of Munchausen) euregioverlag Kassel, 2005


  • Martin Disteli (1802 – 1844), illustrator of Munchausen. The library is collecting the printed work and also publications about the artist.. (100 items)








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