Based on the materials of the Munchausen-Library there exist some essays and contributions to scientific books. There is not yet published a catalogue of the library. All is written in the German language, but abstracts in English are in preparation. To learn the bibliographical details please see to the German version.

The publications are dealing about the following themes, p.e.:

In November 2008 was published Cyclopaedia to German literature for children Vol.V, 1850 - 1900, containig an essay about Munchausen

Analysis of the adventure when Munchausen was flying on a canon-ball. (1994)

Analysis of the adventure when Munchausen threw himself out of mischief. (1995)

Munchausen as a children-book, the first bibliography based on the very material (1996)

The state of the Research about Munchausen and his author R.E. Raspe (1998)

The Raspe-Munchausen does not lie - or Munchausen on German Volcano (about the origin of the Munchausen-tales by Raspe) (2005)

Börries Freiherr von Münchhausen, a German poet of ballades (1874 - 1945), has written a book and a bibliography concerning his famous "oncle" and the tales named by him, but the manuscript is told as lost since 1945 and never printed. Now it is found. See the essay:

Münchhausen Bücherkunde und Münchhausen -Stammbäume Balladen-Börries, Vetter Hieronymus und die Entdeckung des verschollenen Manuskripts (in: Lichtenberg-Jahrbuch 2007)

It tells about the discovering of this manuscript and about a large project of Börries in th 1920ies.


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  Münchhausen entdeckt die Bibliothek von Alexandria William Strang 1895 Muenchhausen discovers the library of Alexandria William Strang 1895