The Munchausen-Library

A private library for scientific research

The sections of the Library

  • The adventures of Munchausen: The tales written by R.E. Raspe or G.A. Bürger as well as Munchausen-tales written by other hand for children books. (31 languages, 1.350 items)
  • Münchhausiades: Continuations and variants of the classical adventures of the Baron using the name of Munchausen (15 languages, 320 items)
  • All sorts of pictures: Engravings, etchings, drawings, woodcuts showing the adventures and travels of the Baron (250 items)
  • Miscellaneous: Different no-book-items concerning the Baron of Munchausen like toys, puzzles, Ex Libris, souvenirs, postcards, posters etc. (250 items)
  • The sources of the Munchausen-tales: R.E. Raspe and G.A. Bürger have used a lot of well known tales, books about imaginary voyages and real expeditions. The library holds 120 items.
  • The Authors of the Munchausen-tales (120 items):
    • Rudolf Erich Raspe (1736 - 1794, author of the first Munchausen-booklet at all.,1785/86). The library holds nearly the complete work of Raspe published by book or by periodical, most of them in the original edition of the 18th century.
    • Gottfried August Bürger (1747-1794, author of the first German translation of Münchhausen. The library holds some original books with relationship to the tales.
  • The Eighteenth Century  - period of the origin, about 1786: Books and separate illustrations concerning the family of Munchausen, the life and work of Raspe and Bürger and also original editions of scholars wich were acquainted with the authors. (90 items)
  • Books and essays about Munchausen contributions to the research concerning Munchausen (550 items)
  • Munchausen-Collection of Erwin Wackermann, author of the most important bibliography concerning Munchausen


Special sections

The catalogue of the library (3100 items) does not run on the Internet.

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  Münchhausen entdeckt die Bibliothek von Alexandria William Strang 1895 Muenchhausen discovers the library of Alexandria William Strang 1895
Merté 1882
Merté 1882
Abraham a Santa Clara, Judas 1691
Abraham a Santa Clara, Judas 1691
Bilderbuch ca 1880
Childrenbook, ca 1880
Bilderbuch ca 1880
M. Disteli, Frontispiece